Auto Body

From small dents and hail damage to major auto body collision damage, our expert technicians have the experience and the knowledge to perform the highest quality auto body repairs to make your car look new again.

Minor Auto Body Repair

Minor auto body repairs typically include wet sanding and or polishing of scratches that have not penetrated the base coat of the vehicles paint. Some minor repairs can include metal or plastic bumper repairs or replacement.

Moderate Auto Body Repair

Moderate auto body repairs generally are necessary when vehicles are involved in a collision where speeds were less than 20 mph. They can require replacement of more than body panel, minor repair of structural components, multiple paint surfaces, and some mechanical work.

Major Auto Body Repair

Major auto body repairs include extensive replacement of components and body panels, possible replacement of certain structural parts, suspension parts, and or mechanical service.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage repair is a very unique, and detailed process. With the exception of broken glass, hail alone does not pose any threat to the drive-ability of the vehicle. However, depending on the severity, hail damage repair can easily cross over into the “major repair” category, often needing repair or replacement of multiple panels, and paint to multiple panels.


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