Insurance and Car Damage-What Now?

working with insurance for car body damage

You’re probably reading this because your car or truck has already been damaged. Now you need to file an insurance claim for repairs. First of all, we sympathize. We know it’s a huge inconvenience to go without your car. We also want you to know what to do next when it involves insurance.

  1. If you have a body shop you trust, call them. Explain what happened and find out if they can give you an appointment for an estimate soon.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, call your insurance company and let them know you’ve had damage to your vehicle.
  3. Tell the auto insurance company that you are working with a collision repair shop who will provide you an estimate for repairs.
  4. Be aware that your insurance company might try to persuade you to go to a “preferred” auto body shop. It’s your choice though.
  5. You might still need to get an estimate from the insurance adjuster. That’s normal.
  6. If there is a disagreement between what the insurance adjuster says is necessary and what the experts at the auto body shop estimated, don’t worry. The auto body shop will work with the insurance company on your behalf.

Now as much as you can, try to relax. If you’ve chosen a reputable repair shop, the staff will make it as hassle-free as possible, keep you up to date and get you back in your vehicle in timely manner. A good shop will make you feel like they care about you, because they do.